Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Great Murder

Saturday is the day that I become legal. Early this week, I learned that some svolochi (Russian: bastards) wiped out the women of a rival clan. Add journalists and lawyers to the mix, and you have a veritable (CENSORED) in your hands. I'm talking about the Ampatuan Massacre, in which two rivaling Mohammedan political clans had a mad event. The Ampatuan SWINE killed the women of a rival clan, contradicting the Koranic prescription to spare women. Long story short, they made a completely unforgivable affront to Allah, and so will be embraced by Iblis. All we need to do now is to muster the political will to SEND THESE GODLESS, MURDERING SWINEHOUNDS TO HELL. PRESIDENT ARROYO, DO US ALL A FAVOR AND SHOVE BOMBS UP THE AMPATUANS' (CENSORED) ASSES!

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