Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Response to ben ave viz. SC decision vs. EFSoriano

Its always been the same old story.

Response: Really, has it?

Bad people always try to bring a good man down.

Response: The good will rise even if you fell them a thousand times, while Mama Eli is still in hiding.

But rest assure, in God's sight, you cannot bring a good man down.

Response: Neither can you hide an evildoer forever.

No matter how hard you try.

Response: Then present your leader to the public!

God bless you bro. eli.

Response: Will God bless someone who molests MEN in His name? Nyet, Non, Nein, Iie, Hindi, Laa, NO!

Many souls will be saved because of you.

Response: No, many souls will be DAMNED because of Ma Eli.

and for that reason we give praise and thanks to God.

Response: You give praise and thanks to God while cursing those who are not of your ilk? What double talk is that?

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