Thursday, June 10, 2010

I seek the Cultured Youth in Cebu for friendship

I have a cousin who wishes to make his acquaintance with those cultured intellectuals that are of my birth province, Cebu. I also wish the same, though I am but a student.

Unlike him, however, I find myself buried in the midst of those students who seek naught but the mundane banalities of life.

I have friends of that sort, but in general, most people see me as a loner for the simple reason that I choose to seek those which are beyond said mundane banalities. Most unfortunate, as such is the reality concerning today’s youth: The concerns — and tastes — of the majority are the same concerns — and tastes — that our grandparents’ generation would most likely dismiss as of no import at best, and actively suppress at worst.

I also have friends of the intellectual bent. What is sad about them, however, is that they are greatly outnumbered by hoi polloi, those people who trust their lives to the whims of popularity. There are too few young people like us in the world. Too few young people who care about things that really matter.

Brethren, I wish to see you. Veni, veni. Hic veni da mihi scientiam iterum.

My cousin seeks your ilk via spyglass. I, on the other hand, use an AWACS for that purpose. Exsurge, fratres!

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