Friday, July 9, 2010

Eagles and Wolves

It's a rather unsettling thing, being the child of parents with conflicting ideals. On one side, you have one who encourages you to spread your wings like the eagle as reasonably as possible. On the other side, you have one who would rather have eyes on you like a wolf toward its cubs. The Eagle wishes you to learn how to handle the ropes of life at your age, while the Wolf only sets you loose when your time has come. More often or not, it would be a little too late if one resigns self to fate. Therefore one must adopt the Eagle's nature to surmount impassable terrain, and that of the Wolf to learn how to manage a pack.

Why must one grow to learn that all desire is a sin and all duty is righteous? Would it not be more righteous if you did what you must not out of duty, but out of desire? To do good because you desire it is truly more righteous than doing it just because you are obligated to. In the latter, it's not REALLY doing good, but we are trained to treat is as such because of its inherent good. When Duty conflicts with Desire, which path will you take?

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