Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sage among Fools

This is a poem I wrote some time prior to the elections. If you think this is condescending, why sweeten the bitter truth?

A Sage among Fools

When intellect and merit are trounced by fame,
The society shall know naught but great shame.
Those who think shall shudder and flee,
Leaving simpletons in joyous glee.

I am one whose thoughts differ from those of my race;
That is, if they think, which is a sin in this place.
No, they follow what the masses choose,
Even if they will ultimately lose.

I value intellect, I value my head.
For this, I am evil, or so the fools said.
I care not for surveys, for they are for fools.
Those who think are true humans; those who don’t, mere tools.

No fool can understand that which I put to pen,
For truly, it is but beyond his ken.
Intellect and merit are needed the most,
For it proves one worthy of holding high post.

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