Friday, November 26, 2010

Jokes that paean the Pinoy Accent

1. Use BE COOL and I’LL BUY in a sentence.

…The tourist went to Mayon volcano in I’LL BUY, BE COOL.

2. Use SCHOOLING in a sentence.

…(phone rings)…..Hello? Who SCHOOLING?

3. Use AFFECT in a sentence.

…Maria is wearing AFFECT diamond ring.

4. Use ADIEU in a sentence.

…If you are ADIEU, the Arabs will kill you.

5. Use DECANTER in a sentence.

…You can order that medicine over DECANTER.

6. Use DELETION in a sentence.

…The balat of DELETION is crispy.

7. Use DESPISE in a sentence.

…Who baked all DESPISE?

8. Use DIFFERENT and DIFFERENTIAL in a sentence.

…I am looking for DIFFERENT of this boy to get DIFFERENTIAL consent so he can go to the picnic.

Good if you can understand. God help you if I have to explain it.

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