Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A reaction to "A Reaction To The Comparison Made By A Catholic Acolyte, ALISTAIR JEPHTE CABUGSA MIGRIÑO CASEÑAS"

Hey, infidels! Greetings from Aegis-Judex! I would like to make some corrections to your article about my answer:

One, I am not an acolyte. I am a layman, a student, to be exact.

Two, though you got my name right, I am not Fr. Abe. I really am Alistair Jephte Cabugsa Migriño Caseñas, ID number 09306006 of the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

Three, clergymen don't call the Pope "MOST Holy Father." You just added "MOST" in order to justify your anti-Catholic lies.

Four, "A Christian Preacher is ready to die but he is not ready to kill anyone specially his enemies. If there is a battle that a Christian Preacher faces, it is a battle against false teachings and not a physical battle. Bro. Eli Soriano exactly does that as evident to his recent debate which won the soul of a Native South American Preacher." If this is the case, why did your people kill an INC preacher? The Manalists are a lot more civilized then you are.

Five, "Bro. Eli almost die twice because of severe beating from INC deacons after his debates with INC ministers. Until now, his life is being threatened but it did not prevent him from spreading the word of God. He is ready to preach the word of God despite these threats because he know that it is part of a Christian Preacher’s life." Eli's tribulations concerning the church of Apalit are NOTHING compare to what all 265 Popes, Benedict XVI included, had to take. Though there are those of ill, would you judge Peter by Judas Iscariot? I rest my case.

Six, "To correct what as written by Judex, Bro. Soriano is not even convicted of any crime so he cannot be called a fugitive. He is simply an experienced accused because our enemies of faith keeps hurling false accusations against him ever since he started preaching. Being accused is a part of a Christian preacher’s life. It was forewarned by the Lord Jesus Christ himself." Explain, then, the presence of a Red Notice on Eliseo F. Soriano for Sex Crimes.

Seven, "It seems that this dude is a fan of imported products which is the reason why he favors someone who is imported. Base on the scriptures, there was a little city that was besieged by a King but the deliverer of that city turns out to be a poor wise man who is also a citizen of that city." If you did not see my comment there, I was saying "Colonial, much?" Playing on the Colonial Mentality, I was.

Eight, "Remember the record of the Catholic Church indicates that they killed innocent people thinking that they are doing it for God’s service. The late John Paul II even beg for forgiveness because of this historical fact." I pity you who generalize the Holy Church just because of her erring members. The Venerable John Paul II made his apologies in the name of those Catholics who have done ill over the pages of history.

Nine, "This Aegis-Judex was commenting like an innocent child! It’s just like he’s judging a box without knowing what’s inside the box!!! Based on his comments between Bro. Eli and his Papa (Pope), it is obvious that he doesn’t know anything about Bro. Eli,,, even about the Pope. Poor boy!!!" This is actually circulating among apologists. Perhaps you are doing such things?

Ten, "The Pope is an Anti Christ. he claims to be successor of Christ. VICARIUS in Latin." I remember you, Truth Soldier. The Pope is NOT the successor of Christ, but the successor of His Apostle, St. Peter. Successor Petri, in the Latin. Besides, if the Pope were the Antichrist, then the 1st Letter of Peter was written by the Antichrist! Can you explain THAT?

I hope I have given my answers LOUD and CLEAR.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo,


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