Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A response to my response to ChristianAccuser

At the first glance of your greeting I thought that a terrorist has infiltrated the comments section of this blog (talk about infidels). In order to bring justice to your comment, allow me to make a critique of it by discussing your points one by one.

One, you said that you are not an Acolyte. Probably you have mistaken what I mean when I said that you are an acolyte. According to http://thefreedictionary.com/acolyte, an acolyte is someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service; a cleric ordained in the highest of the minor orders in the Roman Catholic Church. However, the meaning of the word “acolyte” is not restricted to an officer who attends or assists a priest. An acolyte could also mean a follower, fan, supporter, convert, admirer, backer, partisan, disciple, devotee, worshipper, apostle, cohort etc. Since you said that you’re a layman and it is obvious that you are a supporter of a priest, I could also classify you as an acolyte.

RESPONSE: I am NOT ONLY Fr. Abe's supporter, but a supporter of all those who defend the Faith against infidels (a term I reserve for enemies of the Church) like you.

Two, that’s a long name. We did not even accused you of being the priest.

RESPONSE: You suggested it. Just because you don't tell me such things directly does not mean that you're not suggesting such.

Three, being a former Catholic, I know that the Pope in Rome is endeared as “The Most Holy Father”. This can also be read in various catholic websites by simply typing it on Google.



RESPONSE: Super. An Apostate from the Faith. Another reason why I call you an infidel. He is addressed by the Clergy as "HOLY FATHER" (emphasis mine).

Four, we did not even kill any INC preacher. In fact, our members and church workers are the ones being killed. Have you not read or heard the case of Bro. Marcos Mataro. You better follow this link to have an idea.


RESPONSE: Does ROMY ESPAÑOL ring a bell to you? It should: Your people poisoned him.

Five, the Popes in Rome did not suffer tribulation while being sitted on their Royal throne. Kings and Magistrates will even kneel to them and kiss the cross on their sandals. I don’t see any tribulation to that.

RESPONSE: There were those, however, who share in the glorious fruit of Holy Martyrdom, endured the knives and missiles of their persecutors... I could go on and on, and you would still stonewall. In any case, do you judge the Apostles by Judas Iscariot?

Six, do you know what a red notice is? It is not a proof of conviction. It is an Interpol notice describing a wanted person and asking that he or she be arrested with a view to extradition. This is something similar to what had happened to the Apostles during the time of the first century Christian Church. The Apostle Paul was even put to prison and was accused falsely. However, if you are interested to know what the details of the alleged case filed against Bro. Soriano, you can browse through this link.


RESPONSE: Yes, I do. It means your MAMA ELI is an international criminal. Wakarimasu? (Japanese: Understood?)

Seven, a lot of people believes that colonial mentality is bad. Would you like to entertain their idea?

RESPONSE: It's called "playing with their heads." What you guys would do in my place.

Eight, looking back at history, it was not just ordinary members of the Catholic Church who were involved in the Inquisition. It was actually instituted by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) in Rome. A later pope, Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition, in 1233, to combat heresy of the Abilgenses, a religious sect in France. Catholic Pontiffs themselves were involved with these mass murders.


RESPONSE: AGAIN you judge the Apostles by Iscariot. The original duty of the Inquisition (now known as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Papa Ben's old post), was to combat heresy and preserve orthodoxy (and then the latter in the Modern Church). Clerics cannot shed blood, and so the recourse was left to the civil authorities, hence the infamous Spanish Inquisition. In any case, we did what was noble, acknowledging the errors of our antecedents, but no Prot ever did the same to us, nor did your leader do such to those he sodomized.

Nine, get your facts straight before stating your comments. Don’t just rely on circulating gossips from your apologists.

RESPONSE: There ARE facts in that statement. One of which is:

PAPA: popular with the crowd
MAMA: avoids the crowd , NBI, POLICE AND INTERPOL

Did your MAMA ELI face law enforcement to answer the accusations of rape levelled against her? Nyet, Non, Nein, Iie, Hindi, Laa, NO! (In order: Russian, French, German, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, and English)

Ten, Peter was never a Pope in Rome.


RESPONSE: That's just like saying Bro. Eli was never in Apalit, ergo:


In any case, St. Paul DID send a letter the the ROMANS. If the Holy Church is the Great Satan (which you guys proclaim), then St. Paul's letter was addressed to the Great Satan, and the Antichrist's name would be in 2 letters of the Bible (1-2 Peter). Need I reiterate myself?

OVERALL: Most of your arguments are essentially child's play to those with experience. The only ones who would believe you are most likely, after a fashion, "snot-nosed genin." That's why pros exist, to help the noobs understand what just happened, and counter properly the hostile.

Adios, kuffar! (Spanish: Goodbye; Arabic: infidels, kafir in the singular)

The Carolinian Thorn

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