Saturday, February 6, 2010

More against ChristianAccuser

To love your enemies also entails CORRECTING them when they are OBVIOUSLY in the wrong, and preventing them from harming others. One must do what is needed to correct the offender, with shedding blood the FINAL recourse (that is, when all other options fail).

When I said DEATH TO THE INFIDELS, it was in a moment of overzealous (albeit righteous) anger at the many lies thrown against the Holy Church. If it makes your skin crawl for it, pray that I won't do a Mossad and bury your sorry backsides. Kidding. Death to the infidels can also be making them see the light. Ideologically, that is their death to enmity of the Holy Church and all she stands for.

"This belief could also be the reason why the Catholic Church murdered 300,000 people in the Inquisition which Pope John Paul II acknowledge in a public confession."

ANSWER: Tell me, did your MAMA ELI apologize for all the men he sodomized? TELL ME! At least JPII had the balls to apologize in the name of those errants over the pages of history.

"Alistair believes that the letter to the Romans was address to the Roman Catholics. However, how can it be addressed to someone who wants their enemies dead when the commandment given to the Christians in Rome is to do good to them? Alistair’s behavior could be the result of his belief that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church."

ANSWER: As I reiterate, the call for the infidels' heads was one from as overzealous moment, and the explaination is already as above. If you continue to say that the Holy Church is the Great Satan, how can you explain St. Paul's letter to, using your beliefs, the Great Satan, and the letters attributed to St. Peter, who according to you holds an evil office?


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